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Why go Solar?

  • Make Money From Sun
    We help you save 100% on electricity bills, and also make money by selling excess solar units back to the grid
  • Attractive Subsidy
    Avail upto 40% solar subsidy on total installation cost as per Government guidelines*
  • Green Energy
    1kW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of CO2 emission
  • Return on Investment
    Quick payback period of 3-4 years guaranteed, with pure profit following thereafter

Why Us?

One of the best Solar EPC Company

We are serving the industry since 2 x year-on-year.

Engineered and Designed by Experienced Experts

Driven by power of Image Processing, VR and Data Analytics, we deliver customized solar roofs

Best Quality and Price

We provide the highest quality solar panels (Tier-1) with 25 years performance warranty at most affordable rates, with a promise of lifetime customer service

Flexible Payment Options

Milestone-based payment structure where you pay only 20% of the total cost at the time of order confirmation. Financing options like solar loans and 0% EMI options are also available*

IOT-powered Diagnostics

Our Remote Monitoring System provides real-time updates to smartly monitor solar energy generation, providing sense and control of every appliance in your house

Upgrade Or Replacement

Get Your solar Panels in Good Shape Regularly by upgrading or replacing it 

Our Recent Projects

  • GAR Project (Amazon), Outer Ring Road, Kokapet, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 200 KW
    Phase 1, 100 KW - Completed in January 2019
    Phase 2, 100 KW - Completed in December 2019
  • NCL Doors, Chotuppal, Hyderabad, TS - 400 KW - Completed in January 2021
  • Ramalangya Textiles mills (sub-contracted), Arpakottai, Madhurai, Tamil Nadu - 1.2 MW - Completed in March 2020
  • Induvidual Customer, East Marat Pally, Secundrabad, TS - 50 KW - Completed in January 2020
  • Madarsa Madinatul uloom, Chintapally, Nalgonda Dist. - 60 KW - Completed in December 2019
  • And lot of small Residential projects like 3 - 10 KW of sizes

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The Solar Panels are great, really happy with the result and the project was on time like he said, will be back with more projects in the future. Thanks Again

anna gruber


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